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How to Run a Successful Challenge Party

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Before Visalus, I had exactly zero experience in sales.  To complicate matters further, when I signed up to become a promoter and share the Challenge with the world, I was(and currently am) living in Germany.  This apparent disadvantage was also an advantage because Germany happens to be an untapped market.    I have an amazing support team back in the USA, but had never actually seen a real challenge party in person, so I basically had no idea what to do.  I watched some videos, I talked and talked…..and talked to my sponsors until I beat the horse dead.  Finally, it was time for my first Challenge Party!  However, the fact that the majority of people in attendance chose to make the decision to better themselves by beginning the Body By Vi Challenge was a sign that I was on the right track!

1)      Follow Visalus’s suggestions for the parties~ Pre-Party….this works!  Use Facebook invites, emails, etc. but most of all, get on the phone!  You are in a personal business that cares about helping others- make that shown !  The more people you can get on the phone, the better the turnout for your party.

2)      Ok, you have pre-partied and everyone is coming.  I have had parties with one or two people and I have had parties with ten.  No matter what, I put the same amount of effort into each.  You never know who is going to be at that party; they just may be your next team mate or Fit Kit customer!

3)      Your house is ready- you cleaned it the best you could (remember, your friends and family are there, they already know that you are messy!)  Now, get your Visalus products out.  Organize them on a table that will be within good view of everyone.  It doesn’t matter how you put these out but I suggest having any product that you have on hand out, plus the following materials

  1. Vi-Shape Comparison Chart
  2. Customer Applications
  3. Promoter Applications
  4. Success Magazine
  5. The Challenge Magazine
  6. A print out that says “Todays Menu” that includes your sampling shakes and their recipes (shows how simple and easy they are)
  7. Vi-Pak Comparison
  8. Other suggested materials

i.      Neuro, Go/Pro comparison

ii.      Breakfast comparison

iii.      Prize Fliers (info on the 25 million dollars that Visalus gives to their customers each year!)

4)      Alright, it is party time!  When you are ready to begin, invite the guests over to the blender.  It is important to make the shakes in front of the guests.  This shows how fast and simple making a shake is- even the “fancier” ones.  I choose three shakes to sample:

  1. Plain- If it doesn’t taste good plain, then there is a problem!  Always show how delicious and simple the Sweet Crème is!
  2. Savory- I choose the Peanut Butter Cup- who doesn’t love those!?
  3. Sweet- I opt for the Orange Julius- this also shows that you do not just have to use milk (important for those that don’t/ can’t use dairy in their diets)

5)      As you are making the shakes, bring up topics that many people have questions on such as the following:

  1. The Shakes are 99.9% natural with no additives and preservatives
  2. The importance of the ingredients.  Really focus on the sugar and carb counts of our shake; they are unbeatably low!!!  Also focus on how by drinking the shakes, they are getting so many vitamins and nutrients that their bodies will love them for it!
  3. You can use the shakes to lose weight (meal replacements) or to gain lean muscle (supplements)
  4. The cost of the shakes is less than $2.00/ shake- what HEALTHY meal can you find for that cheap and fast!?
  5. They are easy to take to work for lunch- either make them up in the morning or buy a shaker cup

6)      You want to make sure that you keep things moving.  Remember, you promised them that this would only take about an hour.  If people are asking a lot of questions, give them a brief answer and tell them that the informational video will explain it in depth.  As soon as you hand out the third shake, invite them to enjoy the shake while watching the video.

7)      Once everyone is settled, re-introduce yourself; thank the host (if it is not you).  At this time, it is good to go into your transformation story.  This way, the attendees know that you have personally been changed by the product, you believe in it and are passionate about what you are sharing with them.

8)      Now, start the video.   Explain that the first half is about ten minutes (this way they know they won’t be here all night!) and that it will explain more about the products, the kits and how to get them free.

9)      Stop the video after the first half of the presentation.  Remind them about your transformation and then go into your “Why” of sharing the challenge with others.  This will segue way into the second half of the video.  Before starting it again, remind them that this second half will tell them more about how Visalus loves to give back to the community and how Visalus can help them personally.

10)   After the second half of the video, I always like to hit on the “Community Challenge” again and ask the room that even if they are not going to be joining the challenge to consider donating 30 meals (with Visalus matching that!) to kids in need.  People love knowing that they are helping out children!

11)   Time to close!  Do a (REAL) quick review of the kits and the goals of each.  Ask the attendees to commit to 90 Days for their health and Vislaus’ fight against obesity!  Open it up for questions and start scheduling those 3:free parties!!!

12)   Have Fun!!!

Royal Ambassadors Tony and Rhonda Lucero also do a great job of how to Host a Challenge Party

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Promoters- what do you do to make challenge parties a success???

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